Naming our beer has been one of the most fun parts of this brewery journey for us!  Presidential Brewing was born after one fateful (and totally random) beer name was bequeathed upon the first stovetop homebrew we made.  From there, the ideas haven't stopped flowing.

We've spent the last few years testing, tweaking, and tasting a variety of recipes, brewing batches of all sorts of beers.  From finding out if Jimmy's Peanut Farm, a peanut butter porter, tastes better brewed with PB2 or Peanut Butter Crunch (yeah, the cereal...we went there), to taking our signature IPA recipe and trying a dozen different single-hopped recipes to figure out which Write-In Ballot was the best (psst: it's Mosaic!).   Some of our favorites include Barbara Bushels (cinnamon apfelvein cider), Fake Brews (coffee blonde), Grill Clinton (smoked porter), MOAB (russian imperial stout), Mount Crushmore (milkshake IPA series), and Rutherford B. Haze (NEIPA).



What’s the only thing better than drinking
your favorite beer at your favorite brewery?

Snacks.  You gotta have snacks.

Drinking beer is great, but drinking beer AND eating great food is next level. We know great munchies are key to a well-rounded brewery experience, which is why we’re so pumped about our insanely talented executive chef. Imagine your favorite bar food, taken up a notch, and then fancied up a little more - that’s Chef Brad’s sweet spot.

Get ready for burgers, sandwiches, and appetizers that will fill your belly AND your soul. We promise, you’re gonna want to be here for signature items like the pulled pork with from-scratch beer BBQ sauce, the zingy housemade cole slaw, and (this is important) the Oatbama beer cheese dip. Yes. We. Did. We’ll have a kids’ menu available as well, and we won’t judge you if you order from it.

(ps, there will be pretzel buns, because #necessities)

Menu Front - April 27 - Tan.jpg
Menu - April 27 Back - Tan.jpg